These are my 5 things you need to do to survive 2013 and grow your business in 2014.

First of all let me qualify this post, I have spent 7 years being okay, to poor (with a year or two of good), at running a business in education, 5 years of running studios and personal training okay, poor and well, and prior to that running extremely well oiled and big selling (price and volume) Personal Training in clubs.

I have made a lot of mistakes, and I have not had a financial backer, so this has been painful at each stage, which is awesome, because it means I have learned each time.  Now I want to share some things that have become apparent, and that is allowing me to build businesses for other trainers and companies at pace.

This is not a sales pitch, you can definitely easily find your way around the website I hope and see our marketing services.  This is about trying to help Personal Trainers succeed.  By reading this, I already know that you have a different outlook on training and career developing, as we do not market this part of our business so hard, so the blog is pretty exclusive at this point.  I hope you enjoy these tips –

1. Launch some December and January Personal Training campaigns today

Having something to sell, will help keep you focussed.  Using the Power Editor on Facebook, combined with a good landing page, and a short freebie should be perfect for you.  To get specific with facebook marketing, then email me and I will show you some more techniques and may be able to help you with power editor and finding very specific target groups.  Decembers launch may be late now, but it could be the 5 day LBD week or similar.  You could run a “Pumped for your party” pre going out workout perhaps?  Anything like that will help with income.

2. Start your online Personal Training Program immediately

Get some software together, either do it all yourself, or sign up with an online provider such as AustraliaWOW  (use FASTER in the sign up code, or contact me and I will help you and show you around it, ).  If you do it yourself then you need to look in to getting a shed load of stuff together including –

  • Landing page software
  • Website
  • Facebook Page and Facebook Group
  • Mailchimp or Aweber
  • PayPal account

Online Personal Training is a great way of building an almost completely passive source of income.  It takes some setting up, some marketing, but once you have members, then with the right plan, you can make this a substantial part of your income.  Obviously we can coach you to do this, OR, we can just do it all for you, with a guaranteed return on investment within three months.  Contact me on to see if we have a space for you.

3. Plan for Personal Training sales slumps, by planning your whole next year now

Get building plans for products that start in peak months, and last for enough weeks and cost enough to get yourself a decent income across the year.  Make sure that you have a plan in place to save during the months you will be busy, so the months that are slow can be seen as a good rest, not a continual push for business.

The months that tend to be quiet are –

  • April
  • July
  • August
  • December
  • First two weeks of January

4. Write a Personal Training ebook!

If you build an ebook, it can be quite short, but it will help you to find online and live clients.  It is a great bonus for signing up, and it is even better for getting people to understand online training as well.  This would be done by offering the book for the price of 1 weeks membership of online Personal Training, and then ‘giving away’ the online personal training.  Doing this is like using the puppy dog sales technique, you give a great experience and then offer to take it away.  (For puppy dog sales, you would leave a puppy with a family for the week and then offer to take it back, so they do not have to purchase it, they always keep the puppy if it is cute enough).

5. Plan your life, marketing and sales like you would if you were periodising a Personal Training program

To manage burn out, then if you combine your up and down income moments, with your push for clients and time off to recover, then you should be in a great place to avoid buyers fatigue from your client base/ list and you will also feel fresh when you go in to selling and delivering great content.  Running your business in 6 and 12 week cycles, with some time off at the end of each cycle, is a great way to stay fresh.

I hope this helps, and you can use some of the tips to improve your business.  Running a commission based business, either employed in a club or paying rent in a space is tough.  The lack of guaranteed income can cause stress, fear, arguments with your family and more.  If I can use my experience to help reduce this happening with you, then I would love to pass this on.  Please email me about anything fitness business related on and I will do my best to help you out.

To finish, here is a video on being broke to hopefully make you smile!!