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The three ways of earning a living as a Personal Trainer in London

Employed Personal Trainer / Fitness Instructor

Being a fully employed Personal Trainer is a great way to ensure some security in your role.  These positions are ones that usually start with you working on the gym floor for some hours, while you build a client base, and then after you pick up clients then you change to a zero hour style contract where you just earn commission for doing your Personal Training. Some of the clubs will also offer you the opportunity to make money through taking classes.

Pros of being fully employed personal trainer

  • You do not have to find rent at the end of each month
  • You are protected by employment laws in the UK
  • Insurance is covered through the club that you work in
  • The club that you work for often provides free education as part of your contract
  • A health club will actively help you find clients as they make money per session, not per month on rent
  • Each club will have a large number of new members each month, reducing your requirements for marketing

Cons to being a fully employed Personal Trainer

  • The club will manage you to their brand
  • You will have less freedom to be entrepreneurial outside of the business
  • Each session will pay you either a flat fee or a % of the Personal Training fee, usually lower than 40% of the charge
  • Sales targets will be pushed hard and so missing them could mean you get kicked out
  • Part of the job when you do gym hours will be cleaning machines, helping reception and writing programmes
  • It is difficult to be in the top end of the earners in a fully employed role

Clubs that operate this employed model include chains such as Virgin Active, Nuffield and David Lloyd.

Self Employed Personal Trainer in a Health Club

Being Self Employed in a Health Club usually means that you have to set up your own business, or accounts as a sole trader, get your own insurance and plan to find rent each month.  Working in the health club as a self employed trainer is a good place to develop business skills and learn to stand on your own two feet, with the security of having the support of a sales and marketing team at club and often at national level.   It is possible in most of these clubs, to choose your own pricing structure.  The club will try to support you with sales and marketing, but their focus will be on you paying rent on time and conducting yourself well in the club.

Pros of being a self employed personal trainer in a health club

  • Every time you sell a Personal Training session or block then you take all of the money immediately
  • To close a deal then you are allowed to make your prices match the client
  • You have the opportunity to start building your own brand (websites, instagram etc)
  • Holidays and working hours will be in your control
  • No cleaning, maintenance or any other gym floor responsibilities
  • More opportunity to earn more money

Cons to being a self employed Personal Trainer at a Health Club

  • Each month or week you will be required to pay rent what ever the circumstances*
  • You will need your own accountant, insurance, website and other business requirements
  • The club will still require you to wear their uniform and behave well on shift
  • Clubs with self employed trainers make money per trainer, not session, so often over fill the gym with trainers
  • Due to the nature of everyone being self employed often there is more competition on price

Clubs that operate this employed model include chains such as Fitness First. *It is important to note that some chains do not require rent from you, and instead will swap a certain amount of gym floor hours for Personal Training in their facility for free.  The chains that do this include Pure Gym and Gym Group.

Studio Owners and In home Personal Trainers

Taking the option of training people in their houses, or in your studio or own home is a big step in to the real world of being self employed.  It is an amazing way to earn money, build a brand and have complete control over everything you do.  To do this we now have a number of registers, apps, and franchise opportunities raising their head to help out.  This means that it is easier than ever to select this route to earning money as a Personal Trainer, however it is still generally considered a good idea to go and learn your trade on someone elses pound!

Pros of being a self employed personal trainer house to house or owning a studio

  • You control everything
  • Everything you earn, spend, the hours you work belong to you
  • Your training style, the equipment you use and your education can be specific to the things you like to do
  • Once you have built a client base and reputation you can then hire trainers to work for you
  • Having the freedom to work this way makes it easier to train celebrity, and professional sports clients

Cons to being a self employed personal trainer house to house or owning a studio

  • All the bills fall at your door
  • Building a client base requires a lot of marketing and other none fitness skills
  • Developing a brand big enough to handle other trainers requires a lot of business skill
  • Your competition will be big chain clubs
  • In some occasions the hours can be long and if you miss a days work you miss the pay

Companies such as Top Local Trainer, TruBe and yourtrainer provide you with the opportunity to get business and clients directly from them.  Other companies such as MFT (Military Fitness Training) give you an opportunity to work as a franchisee or licensee under their brand so that you can benefit from their marketing.

Finding places to work in London as a Personal Trainer

I’m an Andy Hall
FASTER opened the door to a wealth of knowledge, skills and research and got me think more about the clients needs. It allowed me to create thousands of exercises specific to my clients needs. It gave me confidence and allowed me to stand out from the crowd. As a manager it has allowed me to facilitate my understanding and knowledge to my team and will now continue to grow with FASTER as a Master trainer and leader.
Also John Hardy is a genius!! He helps everyone as much as possible. You make friends for life when you become a FASTER trainer!I am currently recruiting experienced PTs for a fitness in demand app called TruBe.
I know that if I get FASTER trainers on board I can be confident they can deliver quality, professional sessions in any location with any equipment.
Contact me on
Andy Hall

Ask one of our Personal Trainers based in London

I am Paul Chipp

It was way back in 2008 that I started training with FASTER, and I have gone through everyone of their courses on my journey to being a PT ambassador for Fitness First.  The skills that I have developed through FASTER, started with simply looking at exercise selection and building in a different way to all the other trainers in the area.  That alone was enough to get me more clients and start to build a decent career in Personal Training in Brighton.


After a few years away from the industry, I wanted to re-group and get back in to the industry.  So I reached out to FASTER once again, and they helped connect me to the Fitness First position at Clapham Junction and also worked with me through their business program to help me develop in the direction I wanted to take my career.

Now I am proud to be one of the first CMT (Core Momentum Trainer) Master Trainers, which has taken me to Germany presenting within the first 6 months of having this role.  I am also a PT ambassador for Fitness First, I mentor students for FASTER and by the end of 2015 I will have launched my exclusive Personal Training brand to the industry.

If you have any questions for me, then I am more than happy to speak to you about the courses, my journey, the easy bits, the tough bits, how I can help, how our FASTER groups help and anything else you want to know.

I wish you success in your journey which ever company you choose in the end!

I am Alison

Four years ago I started with FASTER to help me improve the training that I deliver to my clients, who sit in a very specific niche.  Using the FASTER knowledge, and a lot of my own experience and clients feedback, I came up with the Feeling Fantastic Over 40 Programme which is has helped me to get a market I love training and also earn the money to sustain my further training, lifestyle, training tools and enjoy doing what I do.

Since going through my initial course with FASTER, I have moved on all the way through to their FASTER Training Expert course, where I am now in a position to mentor the next wave of students.  This is a great part of the FASTER experience because as you grow in to the company, you start to get into groups with people who have been with FASTER since the start.  This gives you such a great outlet for ideas and connections to grow in the industry that it is unique to this business.

If you want to see some of the things we get up to, then I have been helping FASTER build some of the exercise resources for their Functional Training course.  You can find me on this channel, although I have worked the camera and organised over 500 exercises for FASTER so far!

CMT Youtube site

If you would like to chat with me about my journey, and let me share the good and the bad of the industry, learning and trying to build a business, then I would love to speak to you.

Contact me on –


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