Neural Notching

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“I wrote this course because it was about time trainers stopped guessing about skill development and performance and applied the available science.  The results our students have witnessed with their clients have been amazing.”

This is the course I said I would never write. However I have spent a lot of time with my head in the books, and I am proud to bring you a course that is based on a made up word, but a scientifically researched set of principles. In this course, I use the term ‘Neural Notching’ to mean creating zones of strength in ranges that are useable with techniques that are transferable. Using online lectures I will show you the skills of movement design, communication, hands on and hands off application, and how these combine to help you dramatically improve your client’s ability to perform all kinds of tasks.

To be a Trainer that gets results, then you need to have the focus and ability to get results for your clients as fast as possible.  The industry has leant on strength and conditioning for years, using techniques from Olympic Lifting.  This includes a focus on the actual lifts, and studies using this to define skills.  Coaches do not measure this way, they measure, like Olympic Lifting Coaches do, with the outcome of the performance.  Changing variables and adapting to build the outcome in the performance, not in the training.  We have some amazing ways of showing you how to achieve this, using clusters, specific speed and acceleration loading.

It consists of 2 1/2 Hours of Lectures, a downloadable ebook, and a growing library of Clusters.

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Neural Notches and Notching
  • Finding Neural Notches
  • Skill Development Theory
  • 3 Skills for Neural Notching
  • Performance Enhancement Training
  • Coaching 10 for Performance
  • The Exercise Generator and Clusters
  • The Sets Card
  • Mastering Loading Tools