Medicine Ball Squats are staple for exercises to help achieve results for your Personal Training clients. The squat is a whole body movement that can be driven by technique or by the goal of motion, depending on your own Personal Training style. The Medicine Ball provides another dimension to the squat. The added weight will help your clients stability and strength.

These Medicine Ball Squat exercises could form part of an outdoor circuit, an indoor group class or a one to one session. These exercises if done with the right intensity and over the right segment of time, would work perfectly as part of a warm-up, cool-down or the main personal training session.


5 sets of 30 second intervals with 40 second rest between exercises

Exercise 1 medicine ball squat with wide feet movement


Exercise 2 medicine ball squat with pelvis wide and press rotation



Exercise 3 medicine ball squat and upright row



Exercise 4 medicine ball press above head rotation 



Exercise 5 medicine ball pivot rotation with press rotation 



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