My 5 Favorite Crump Exercises


Today I have decided to get a bit funky with the workout. It is a beautiful day here in Denver! Today’s workout is 100% body weight exercises using the infamous Crump. What is a Crump, well, first of all, it’s a made up word! The Crump is a crawling  movement on the ground. If you picture a starfish moving along the ocean floor, legs spread out and fully extending on each movement.

The Crump Workout provides a high-intensity session! This workout is the trifecta of training, core training, strength training and functional training.

Speaking of made up terms, if you would like to learn what Neural Notching is all about, term ‘Neural Notching’ to mean creating zones of strength in ranges that are useable with techniques that are transferable.

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Workout: 90-sec0nd intervals per exercise, 30-second rest between exercises, repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 body weight spotty crumps



Exercise 2 suspended feet spotty crumps



Exercise 3 band resisted in sync long and short crumps



Exercise 4 Body weight starcrumps movements



Exercise 5 Body Weight Split hand crump and split squat Forward