Today’s combine workout with training tools Medicine Ball and Barbell. This workout is big on strength training and core training. The workout can be intensified by increasing the weight of the medicine ball and increasing the weight load on the barbell.


Medicine Ball Training: 

Medicine Ball exercises have progressed a long way since they were first introduced to the fitness world
The work great with gravity, going up to large weights and offering a unique grip challenge
Having the ability to move the ball close to the body or far away allows for momentum changes
Moving the ball across the ground creates momentum challenges for the body to defend
Travelling over, or on and off the ball changes ground reaction and clients reactions


Barbell Training: 


Barbells are the traditional training tool that can be used in many ways.
In traditional and Olympic Lifts, they work as the ultimate in gravity enhancers.
Using the Barbells rolling property then they can change gravity reactions while creating momentum.
As a long level or asymmetrically loaded training tool then the barbell is great for momentum.



30 second intervals per exercise

15 second rest between exercises

Repeat 5 times


Exercise 1 medicine ball curl to rotation



Exercise 2 barbell jump forward and back in sync with push forward



Exercise 3 medicine ball hand pivot side to side



Exercise 4 barbell squat with wide feet move



Exercise 5 medicine ball jump out of sync forward and back with push wide


Exercise 6 barbell pivot forward and back move



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