Today’s workout combines Medicine Balls and GripR.  These exercise tools provide great body weight workouts as well as stress relief.  The combination requires quick changes between exercises. This workout is perfect for personal training and small group training. The medicine Ball and GripR workout can staged outside as well as in your studio.


Medicine Ball Exercises  have progressed a long way since they were first introduced to the fitness world. They work great with gravity, going up to large weights and offering a unique grip challenge to boot. Having the ability to move the ball close to the body or far away allows for momentum changes. Moving the ball across the ground creates momentum challenges for the body to defend. Travelling over, or on and off the ball changes ground reaction and clients reactions.

The GRIPR Resistance Trainer  is ideal for individual exercises but, as it’s made to withstand the toughest of treatment by using micro grade steel sand within a double stitched neoprene bag, it’s also perfect for small group training sessions where it can be used for dynamic throwing and explosive catching drills. But remember girls and boys these are not used as weapons!  Progressive and suitable for a wide range of users. The steel sand displaces rapidly, so bags can be placed on the arms, legs and feet. Trains deep core muscles while adding an exciting and unpredictable element to your workouts – your body never knows what’s coming next.


Workout: 60 second intervals 30 second rest between exercises repeat 7 times


Exercise 1 medicine ball curl




Exercise 2 Gripr Grab Grip Supported Squat Thrust In Sync Narrow to Wide



Exercise 3 medicine ball hand lunge sideways



Exercise 4 GRIPR jump out of sync wide to narrow with push forward



Exercise 5 medicine ball deadlift



Exercise 6 GRIPR lying push from chest to above head with rotation and forward



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