Level 4 – Certificate in Strength and Conditioning

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This course will give you the certificate that gives you the keys to start in the fitness industry.  Our Level 4 is not sold on its own, but instead as part of a cobination of courses, mentorships and products to make sure you stand out as the best in the industry. We do not sell this as a stand alone course, and instead use it in combination with other courses, mentorships and products to help you make a career from the industry you enter.

If you have your Level 3 or another relevant qualification you can start this course straight away.

The course is taught using blended learning, with online lectures and notes, live online support lessons as well as two live 1-1 days, to teach and assess your skills as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. We teach 1-1 and assess 1-1 in order to make sure you are looked after and get the ideal and specific feedback you deserve.  It also means we can match your learning style and pace.

Level 4 – Strength and Conditioning Content

Entry Requirements

  • Learners must hold a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (or equivalent), a Level 3 Coaching qualification (or equivalent) or a Level 3 Strength and conditioning qualification (or equivalent).
  • Learners may also hold relevant higher education or further education qualifications that are equivalent or higher than those listed above (e.g. physiotherapy, sports therapy).
  • There is an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading and writing) involved and learners should have basic skills in communication pitched at level 3.

By the end of the course you will be able to explain, build and perform,

  • A high-bar back squat and a snatch or clean and jerk.  Demonstrating the techniques accurately, explaining all the key technical aspects at each stage of the lifts.
  • A performance-related warm-up, to include:
    Environment preparation
    An assessment of an athlete’s physiological and psychological readiness to participate
    A safe, effective and specific warm-up that fully prepares an athlete for a planned session
  • Be able to give an overview of different athletes and how they would be trained and what type of session would follow different warm-up’s.
  • Speed/agility drills including:
    Active speed/agility training.
    Ongoing coaching and adaptation of the drills according to the athlete’s performance.
  • A plyometric drills including:
    Active plyometric training sessions
    Ongoing coaching and adaptation of the drill according to the athlete’s performance.

Modules to be Completed and Assessed

  1. Performance analysis of the activity and athlete K/615/5266
  2. Plan, deliver and evaluate periodised performance-related strength and conditioning programmes M/615/5267


  • Assignment – Strength and conditioning proposal
  • Case study – Strength and conditioning client
  • Case study – Strength and conditioning client
  • Modular summative observation – Coaching and technical performance