Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training

by | Jul 13, 2019 |

The course is fantastic for the first step into Personal Training, and give us the platform to build on for the rest of your career.

Unlike the old certificate, the Diploma requires you to build a comprehensive plan for your client, including a nutrition review, handouts, technology recommendations and a full 12-week periodised programme. Additionally, you have to develop an entire business plan, and special populations hand out, giving you a comprehensive and well-coached skill set to start your career.

This course can start as soon as you have completed your level 2, or you have produced proof you have a Level 2 certificate.  Our Level 3 is a blended course, meaning that you get to learn in your own time at home with a manual from us written by AIQ, an online portal from us with support material and videos on our elearning system (which is a website and an app) and with live text, whatsapp, phone calls and zoom.us video calls with a tutor to support you.

In order to ensure you have the required physical skills, you will also get two days of live training. In the first live day we will go through your exams and use all the new exercises and equipment, use every assisted stretch in the manual and ensure you have the required skills to deliver your programmes to a client. On the second day you will need to have a client to take around the gym, where we will allow you a practice run and then to complete the full physical component of the training.

This course will be open until you complete it, usually you have 1 year from the first meet up, but in exceptional circumstances we will keep the course open beyond that time.

Level 3 Content

Entry requirements

  • A suitable Level 2 qualification in Gym Instructing
  • The course requires physical exertion, and individual participation is essential. Therefore a degree of physical fitness is necessary
  • There is an element of communication (discussing, presenting, reading and writing) and application of number involved, and learners should have required skills in communication and application of number pitched at levels 3 and 2 respectively

Qualification structure

  1. Applied anatomy and physiology for exercise, health and fitness (F/615/4012)
  2. The principles of nutrition and their application to exercise and health (J/615/4013)
  3. Understanding lifestyle, health, wellbeing and common medical conditions (R/615/4015)
  4. Encouraging positive health and fitness behaviours in clients (Y/615/4016)
  5. Programme design and delivery for personal training (H/615/4018)
  6. Professionalism and business acumen for personal trainers (D/615/4020)


  • Coursework
  • Multiple Choice Examination
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Practical Demonstration of a Consultation
  • Practical Demonstration/Assignment