This week the All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting federation have put in an application for National Governing Body status, and if Ireland’s presence on the international championships scene is anything to go by, they should get it.

I seem to still spend a lot of time explaining to trainers that kettlebells are not just another training tool. Kettlebell Sport is an international sport, with meetings and championships and far greater recognition in other countries than we have mustered in the UK so far. But things are changing. This week, Scotland and Ireland posted photos of their teams on facebook as they set off for Milan for the IGSF Kettlebell Championships. Next year, I hope very much to get to the World Championships in Russia myself. Meanwhile, I have been invited to the Dutch Open. Kettlebell Sport is taking up a fair amount of my attention, in fact.

The path to Girevoy Sport Open Championships begins with some sound instruction in good lifting technique. We are currently running workshops, and supporting lifters keen to raise a team in time for next year’s first Pentathlon of the year, in March 2013.


The video clip below shows athletes at the recent Worlds.

If you want to know more about competitive participation in Kettlebell Sport, get on our Rule the Pentathlon facebook and fastersocial groups, and get talking!