Ah yes, the big bright yellow ball of warmth is out first thing this morning. I have decided to take today’s workout outside. I am combining kettlebell and body weight exercises in this workout. You will be able to give your clients a full body workout with these two exercises. This workout includes  upper and lower body exercises. You can enhance the aerobic aspect by increasing the speed with each exercise. These exercises provides good  core workout.


Kettlebell Training

The Kettlebell is a weight with a handle, which it is thought, originated in Russia, where it first appeared in the Russian dictionary in 1709. Back then it was used as a counter weight for farm equipment, however it soon migrated to becoming a tool used for developing strength endurance, which would probably just have been considered fitness at the time. This training, over time, became something that was also featured at shows, with a selection of difficult moves used to measure strength in these local competitions. Recently, this sport has made it back in to Fitness, and so FASTER has designed a course to show how you can develop different exercises for this sport, to develop your endurance and techniques in different ways to improve you and your clients ability in the sport. In fitness, it will show the faster exercise development in process.

Body Weight Training:

Today we put down the training tools and concentrate on body weight exercises for a full body workout. Body Weight Training is perfect for your clients core training. The workout is based on the HIIT training system, devised by Tabata and uses original exercises. However the system load to rest ratio is the same. All the exercises are functional, whole body and tough. All of them are combinations of on the floor and upright movements. This is a great exercise protocol if you have little time and want to work really hard.



45 second intervals, 20 second rest between exercises, increase kettlebell weight each set ,repeat 6 times


Exercise 1 kettlebell standing press from shoulder to above head wide



Exercise 2 Body Weight Split hand crump and split squat Forward



Exercise 3 kettlebell wide to centre pull



Exercise 4 Body Weight Press up to Squat Split front and back



Exercise 5 kettlebell squat with feet rotated out and press forward



Exercise 6 Body weight plank leg rotate left and right 



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