The lightening has started and startled me, so I thought lets do some jump exercises. Jumping is a
Change in direction, at pace (similar to turning, kicking or throwing)
Locomotion (sprint where the direction of the leg coming through changes the force from being horizontal to vertical)
Vertical displacement (where the emphasis is really on the down, with the result being the up straight after, continuing at pace enough that it takes the client from the floor)

Jumping out of sync (so one leg traveling one way and the other leg traveling the other) in the sagittal plane (so forward and back) is a great way to vary up your training with a client. This vide shows the movement on the spot.
As well as performing this movement on the sport, you can take it in to different places and so by this I mean you can start to travel forward and back, left and right and rotating left and right as well as all the angles in between.

Personal Trainers can use these exercises with their clients both indoor and outdoor bootcanps. The client will get the double benefit of training their lower body while also getting an energy system work out like no other! By changing up the pace and rest time, and keeping the client some what in the dark about when the last set or reps are, then you can effectively lean on the central governors and deliver a session that will essentially leave the client with a lot less in reserve than other training sessions. ​We use bands, barbell, medicine ball and dumbbells with these exercises. Jumping provides a more intense body weight workout.

Workout:  60 second intervals with 20 second rest period between exercises repeat 4 times


Exercise 1 suspended jump right and left in sync



Exercise 2 barbell jump out of sync wide to narrow



Exercise 3 band split squat jump with backward push



Exercise 4 sand bells jump out of sync wide to narrow) with push forward



Exercise 5 medicine ball out of sync frontal jump



Exercise 6 dumbbells jump forward and back in sync with push forward



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