Learn John to 1 with the Author, Founder and Owner!

(and bad pun writer!)



What courses are on offer (I didn’t watch the video I prefer to read)
Zero to Hero – Ultimate way of getting from no qualifications to becoming a Mentor to new trainers
Trainer/Coach to Hero – You are a qualified trainer and you want to own the industry in your area and in your field of expertise. This takes you through 4 levels of mentorship
S2PR Coach – Learn how to rule the sport of your choice, by taking this semi-written course. It is the first course in the industry that is written for the student as they start learning! Sports Performance Injury Prevention and Recovery Coach is the ultimate learning for anyone who trains someone in a sport.

What makes ‘John’ so special?
It is a great first question. I am not special, but I do specialise in helping people find their potential and passion in our industry.  As a trainer and coach, I get hired by clients of all backgrounds to help them rediscover how well they move and how capable their bodies are.  My students have gone on to do some amazing things, I have Instagram stars (300,000 followers), A-List celebrity trainers, International Sports Performance Coaches, trainers who work with Royalty and trainers who just dominate their club or deliver outstanding results to their clients.  Most importantly all my students have been amazing, they have worked very hard and they have taken advantage of my network of other students.  I have also mentored a number of trainers who now mentor, and I am very proud of how these people have gone and delivered students to the industry who are equally successful.  So essentially I am not special, but you are and I will help you find where your talent meets your passion in our industry.

So how does this work?
You sign up, you will probably have been referred by someone so tell me who and I can help them. I will reach out to you within 48 hours of you getting on the system and then I will get you started on your journey.

Do I have to pay in one chunk?
No, although it is more expensive to pay monthly. We do not go through a credit company, and so this would be the equivalent of splitting an invoice.

Where do we meet?
I use gyms local to Nottinghamshire, or local to you, or a mixture of both. Whatever you choose, when we meet the sessions will be active. We will work on 1-1 theory online through skype or similar. Obviously, if you prefer to meet in person then I would work out how to do that with the theory.

What do I get for my money?
You get access to the course notes for your courses. We work together through course material to get you up to speed as a trainer who knows it, and thinks it, where it, is your unique way of training and delivering your product. It is different to other courses because these programmes will be specific to your background and goals and it will help launch you into the career you want. Training with myself will be strictly limited as I have a finite amount of time available. All the courses are slightly different but I do have a number of targets that I will need us to deliver on together –

– Specific Business Target
– Specific Business Plan of Action
– Videos that will build the focus of the business / social media
– Unique selling points for your business
– Connections with all the industry people who can fast track your career

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