Introducing TruFit Instructor Course


Welcome to the TruFit Instructor Course, powered by Faster Health and Fitness US

This course is designed to take you on a journey from the basics of the TruFit Unit 2.0 amazing handles, all the way through to applying the FASTER thought process called “rule the tool.” Unlike most training manuals and courses, the goal of this course is to help you own the exercises as well as the equipment! So that means by the end of this course, many of your skills can be taken to be used with other products and help you develop width in all of your training.

What is TruFit all about?  TruFit  believes that life is best lived in health and that fitness is more than just being in shape. Being truly fit means wellness and body-mind balance — when an individual is empowered to live an activated, adventurous, thriving life. On a mission to make the world more active, the passionate trio is committed to offering high-quality, user-friendly, state-of-the-art body weight training products and education. With this in mind, TruFit’s products are designed to facilitate transformation in anyone, from pro-level athletes to novice individuals.

The Instructor Course is available as an online course TruFit – Instructor Course  We have recently held the first Live TruFit Instructor Course in San Diego which went very well. We will be having additional Live Instructor Courses here in the US in the coming this summer.

TruFit Testimonial: 

My New Handles

Some girls get excited by a new pair of shoes or a sparkling diamond . Being a Faster Course Director I’m not like other girls !
I was thrilled to receive my new TruFit Unit 2.0 and even more excited by the handles ! What makes the TruFit handles so exciting . Firstly the quality to which they are made make them durable , the straps are made with climbing material that is finished off with fine details , so no rubbing or chaffing !!! The straps are encased in a slidable hard metal covering with a comfortable rubber grip . I find myself and clients enjoy the ease in which you can maneuver around the handles , great for mastering underhand to overhand grip. But that’s not all. If you slid the metal covering to the side there hides the secret weapon and smaller loop designed for your feet ! As a female who has spent many an hour having their feet fall out of the handles of another suspension kit due to their large size this for me is a massive bonus .My clients love the integration of using the handles for partner work helping create eye contact and that personal connection . A client that connects comes back . Thank you TruFit for an awesome piece of kit .

Joanne Groves FASTER Course Director



Please check out some videos with TruFit in action.

TruFit Ambassador Joanne Groves full body workout using TruFit Suspended


Suspended standing push from chest to chest wide utilizing TruFit


TruFit Ultimate Instructor Course – To Sit or Move: Even though the body was made for movement, most people spend 50-70% of their lives sitting. At TruFit we’ve partnered with industry leader, FasterGlobal, to provide you with a course like no other. Learn Energy Escape, Neural Notching, Exercise Design and more with this 1-day course hosted by CombatAthleteTrainingSystems in San Diego, CA on April 2nd, 2016