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Courses designed for anyone working to help injured clients back to health,

  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Osteopaths
  • Massage Therapists
  • Sports Therapists
  • Pilates Instructors

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Games for Pain

This consists of –
The nervous system
Fatigue Model
Skill Development
Bone Sequencing
Energy Escape (Muscle Function)
How to Build Games
How to Expand Games
How to build Game Clusters

This consists of –
Module 1 – Faster Process
Module 2 – Biomechanics
Module 3 – Brain and Nervous System
Module 4 – Injury
Module 5 – Pain
Module 6 – Prediction and Prevention of Injury
Module 7 – Skill Development
Module 8 – Performance Training
Module 9 – Exercise Creation
Module 10 – Communication
Module 11 – Assessment
Module 12 – Experiential Exercise Design

For a limited time you also get Games for Pain included

This consists of –
Feb 4th – Biopsychosocial the overview of an approach
Feb 18th – Biology focus – Research Skills
Mar 4th – Biology focus – Biomechanics
Mar 18th -Biology focus – Advanced Biomechanics
April 1st – Biology focus – Movement Creation
April 15th – Psychology – Skill Development
April 29th – Psychology – Performance
May 13th – Social Science – Emotions and Pain
May 27th – Social Science – Influence and motivation

Venue – Nottingham City Centre (Specifics to be confirmed with the number of attendees)
Dates – 6,7,8,9 June
Day 1 – Building Craft (Observing and Predicting Movement across the whole body)
Day 2 – Building Craft (Research Skills, Assessment and Experience Design)
Day 3 – Building Craft (Exercise design and loading, hands-on and off techniques, coaching through the Biopsychosocial Model)
Day 4 – Utilising and Apply Craft to Strategy (Programme design that is based on the clients Biology, Psychology and utilizes social sciences to deliver this)

ONLINE – Delivered by Zoom conferencing and HiveLearning, a mixture of online material and live discussions.  A task and lecture every two weeks.
June 24th – Biology – Sensation and Proprioception
July 8th – Psychology – Coaching
July 22nd – Social Science – Story Telling and Delivery
Aug 5th – Biology – Speed, Strength, Power and Range
Aug 19th – Psychology – Motivation, drive, inner conflict and story
Sep 2nd – Social Science – Language, Voice Control, Information Delivery
Sep 16th – Teaching – Bring all the skills together

Venue – Nottingham City Centre (Specifics to be confirmed with the number of attendees)
Dates – 26,27,28,29 September
Day 1 – Advanced Craft and Strategies (Building on the skills and techniques from get together 1)
Day 2 – Delivering Courses, Talks and Promoting your business (The Craft and strategies of consistent delivery utilising Psychology and Social Sciences through story and goal driven games)
Day 3 – Teaching Lesson Plans and Feedback
Day 4 – Teaching Lesson Plans and Feedback

ONLINE – Delivered by Zoom conferencing and HiveLearning, the final weeks are to support and get you to the next level.
Oct 21st – General Catch up
Nov 11th – General Catch up
Dec 9th – General Catch up
Jan 13th – General Catch up

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