How to become a Fitness Mentor

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Could you be a mentor in the fitness industry?
Do you have the desire to help the industry change and grow?
Would you get a kick out of helping someone grow from nothing, or newly qualified all the way to a success in our industry?
Have you got that desire to know it all, and the realism to know that is impossible?
Does it excite you when you realise each time you learn, you know a little less but you are confident in a little more?
Have you been in the fitness industry more than a year?
During your time in the industry have you seen both success and failure?

If you answered yes to the above questions. If you want to really get into the depth of knowledge you need in order to get new and other trainers to the top of their game. Then you need to read on and consider FASTER as a route to doing this.

@twobadbodies founder Kaisa is one of our famous FTE’s

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Our FTE’s get to do cool video shoots, as we help with their social media presence





FASTER has been creating the best Personal Trainers in the industry for 9 years now. Each year we make mistakes and then get better at delivering on this.

As we get hired to deliver on more products, across more courses and have more students interested in how we achieve the results that we do, then now we are in need of a new set of Faster Training Experts to help mentor, teach, travel and be the best in the industry.

In the past, we have been guilty of letting trainers out to represent us, without preparing them well enough.  Placing the emphasis on the trainer.  This was done out of a massive trust and will to see our trainers succeed.  However we have understood over the years that we need to be better than that, and so this course was designed to raise the standards and set us up as the best group of trainers in the industry.  If you get on to the course you will see how easy it is to want to teach before you are ready and how eager we are to see you teach and have you represent us.




Signing up to become an FTE is an amazing way of joining a group for life.  We invite you back to the live events and encourage you to participate online throughout all the FTE courses after yours.  This is done without expectation of more payments or purchases and is just based on our want to have you around and developing as we do.

The FTE is 52 weeks of online learning, with 8 days live (2 meet-ups that last 4 days each), and ongoing live lectures for support.  This is complemented with one to one calls as and when you need them, to support each week of the material. At the end of this course you will have all the tools to grow, and combined with experience, this will project you up to the highest parts of our industry.  The connections you will meet and the other resources we will share will just make this even easier to achieve.


Meet like-minded trainers and develop with meetings away from the courses.


Learn to teach a confidence in movement that allows your students to go hands on at the right time if needed!





If you want to get a return on your investment, then you can benefit from inspiring someone to become a Personal Trainer from scratch.  As part of our new mentor system, you would earn £2000 a student to guide them through the Faster system and mentor them for a year.  This is an amazing way to help someone in their career, build your status and also get a return on your investment from the course financially.  After the £2000 initially, the student could still choose to hire you to take them through the Specialist Level of our courses and that could further your return.

This though is not about the direct money paid to you. The student, in my opinion, gets by far the best deal by having such a great mentor.  Instead, this is about your personal growth.  Even if teaching in front of a group is something that makes you nervous or does not appeal to you at all.  Taking the time and care to help someone make their way into the industry and then be successful gives so many rewards you may feel like you should be paying them!





As with all of the FASTER courses, providing we have space you are welcome back year on year without another payment to be made. With this in mind, we suggest that if the price is right but you think you will need two years to learn, then this is still a great time to sign up. FTE 4.0 will see our price creep back up to the full price and so FTE 3.0 is going to be the best fee you can pay and also going to be the best time to get on board to teach.

To find out exactly what you learn week by week through the year, and also to get an idea of the logistics of the course (details of where we teach the live days and how these are structured) then click the link below to read more.



You get to keep coming back so we can keep you the best in the industry, and we do not charge for this it is something we feel a need to do!