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We don’t just stop at giving you the best courses…we can help you grow your business with a range of services covering website and social media optimisation to enable you to generate leads and grow a sustainable business.

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Faster have been working and moulding their products for the Health Club and Personal Training Studio since 2007. We have worked with clubs internationally and currently power internal fitness training with Fitness First and Kore Training Studios. Our products will allow you to – Deliver Consistent Training to your team Provide a career route to your team Develop an online Personal Training product for people who leave or do not sign up to your main membership Build another stream or streams of income Run a FASTER Powered Academy with your own branding.

If you have one or many clubs and you would like to see how we mould our products to help you then click this link to find out more.


Gen Levrant

Personal Trainer

Massage Therapist

Chris Ben Tchavtchavadze

Strength Conditioning Coach

Mayweather Money Team

Shane Roller (MMA)

Johnny Hendrix (MMA)

Stephen Bonner (MMA)

and more…

Rich McKeating

Personal Trainer

Owner at RMK Health

Greg Mikolap

Personal Trainer


Founder of PT Folder

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