Well, its time to enlarge the guns! I have combined Dumbell exercises and Kettlebell exercises in this workout. One of the oldest uses of Dumbbells as well as Kettlebells, is to increase the gravity load on the body. By moving them around the body, the Dumbbell becomes effective at enhancing momentum. Holding Dumbbells or Kettlbells as a support,  while doing body weight exercises on the floor will change ground reaction forces. Kettlebells and Dumbbells allow for a free movement of limbs, so very specific exercises can be designed. It works the upper body and lower body, as well as incorporating compound movements for all over conditioning. Before you start, be sure to select your dumbbell, kettlebell weight carefully. This workout has 144 reps at the end with advanced movements in between like push-ups, lunges and squats. 6 Exercises 12 reps repeat twice.


Exercise 1 dumbbell push press



Exercise 2 kettlebell lunge forward and press to the side



Exercise 3 dumbbells hand lunge sideways



Exercise 4 kettlebell lying push from chest to chest with rotation



Exercise 5 dumbbells lunge forward and press to the side



Exercise 6 kettlebell supported squat thrust out of sync wide to narrow



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