Get Your Clients Jumping With These 5 Exercises


Today I thought after a long weekend here in Denver, I would do a jumping workout. Hopefully, lose some of the weight gained!  This workout can be down inside or outside. The jumping workout will definitely get the heart beat up.  We incorporate the following training  tools: barbell, GripR, medicine ball, kettlebell and dumbbells . Overall jumping exercises provide clients with a high intensity, full body workout.

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Workout:  60-second intervals per exercise, 30-second rest between exercises, repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 dumbbells jump right and left in sync with push forward



Exercise 2 kettlebell split squat jump from narrow to wide with over head push sideways



Exercise 3 barbell jump forward and back in sync



Exercise 4 Gripr Grab Grip Supported Squat Thrust Out Of Sync Wide To Narrow



Exercise 5 medicine ball out of sync split jump