Get The Glutes!

Dump the bridging, glute squeezing, foot turning, only squat glute  exercise myths and get on with some of this!!
Today we will be taking movements and then adding in training tools in anyway we want, because at FASTER, we rule the tool. These workouts  are about getting the result from the movement, with appropriately loading. These exercises involve Cable Pulley, VipR and Kettlebells.

45 seconds of 1 Handed Row, Low to High

45 seconds of Vipr Deadlift Rotated to Center

45 seconds of Kettlebell squat with pelvis wide and press to the side

45 seconds of Viper Pivot Rotation (each side)

60 Seconds of Rest

Repeat 4 – 6 times!

 Exercise 1 Cable 1 handed row low to high

The exercises we have chosen are the following:This exercise with integrate the lats and the glutes to decelerate a mixture of sagittal and transverse forces from the cable. You can do the  exercise  in a lunge. If you would like to increase the intensity of movement try a 2 to1 jump.

Exercise 2 ViPR Deadlift Rotation to Center

This exercise puts a spin (no pun intended) on the traditional lift. The  movement puts emphasis on one hip and then the other hip, to generate the power to get out of the bottom position of the movement. If you would like to take it up a notch, have the movement based around a jump.



Exercise 3 Kettlebell Squat with Pelvis wide and press to the side

We move the focus of the muscles, in this exercise slightly to allow the full work load to be completed in the circuit. By taking the traditional squat and moving both the pelvis and pressing with the same side arm, we move the escape of energy through the more lateral muscles of the hips. Simply add a jump to the exercise to increase intensity



Exercise 4 ViPR Pivot Rotation


We push the glutes through as much stretch and then shortening as we can in this exercise. The work is all done on the standing hip (the one that appears to be fairly stationary) and the use of pivot allows us to ramp up the momentum that we hit the hip muscles with. Want to take it up a notch with your client, introduce a jump to the equation!


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