Functional Training with Kettlebells


Today we will use a single functional training tool, kettlebells. This workout will result in strength training, weight training and core training. This type of workout can be intensified by increasing the weight of the kettlebell for each set.  The Kettlebell workout easily takes place indoors as well as outdoor boot camps.

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Kettlebell Training
The Kettlebell is a weight with a handle, which it is thought, originated in Russia, where it first appeared in the Russian dictionary in 1709. Back then it was used as a counterweight for farm equipment, however, it soon migrated to becoming a tool used for developing strength endurance, which would probably just have been considered fitness at the time. This training, over time, became something that was also featured at shows, with a selection of difficult moves used to measure strength in these local competitions. Recently, this sport has made it back into Fitness, and so FASTER has designed a course to show how you can develop different exercises for this sport, to develop your endurance and techniques in different ways to improve you and your clients ability in the sport. In fitness, it will show the faster exercise development in the process.


Workout: 90-second intervals for each exercise, 30-second rest between exercises, repeat 5 times


Exercise 1 Kettlebell Push Jerk



Exercise 2 Kettlebell Rotations



Exercise 3 kettlebell 3 point prone and reach forward



Exercise 4 kettlebell leg reach backward and press rotation



Exercise 5 Kettlebell Alternate Snatch