This week we have started the pre-learning for our April 7th course in Functional Performance, one of our functional training courses.  Everyone who signs up to our Specialist Performance course live this month, will get to join this group of 150 students (and counting), to share your thoughts and read the things we are sharing.  The course relies on numbers, and so if you are not part of it, then it would be great to hear from you and get you on board.

functional training


Functional Training and the sequence of bones in a squat

The first pre-learning task, was to describe the sequence of each bone moving in the squat, in the order that this happened.  Below is my attempt to do this –>

Also this week we have had discussions on the following –

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John and previous FASTER students, question for you. What is the role, if any, of traditional gym strength training (programs that include basic squats, lunges, deadlifts, Oly Lifting, as well as machine based exercises) in performance enhancement?

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Slightly controversial…drop the explosive non-sports specific movements, train slow in the gym and sports specific alongside for maximum gains in sports performance…. what do you all think? (Nothing to do with the course, just interested).