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Having built some of the best trainers around the world (#humblebrag) we are in a great position to help you with a plan of action.  This might include Faster courses, or not, or just a conversation with a contact we have.  It is our mission to improve the industry for trainers, therapists, sports conditioning coaches, movement coaches and anyone else who chose to help people as part of their career.

Faster is built on the thought that if we help enough people, then our business will do well anyway.  This means we will contact you in the way you prefer, and we won’t be chasing you with sales calls until you crumble.  However if you need us again, as soon as you have filled in the quiz, we will be happy to help you as much as we can.

So if you want our help to get you some direction, focus and long-term planning into your career, then please fill in the questions and let us do our best!

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