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Core Momentum Trainer
The CMT is the brand new industry training tool that works specifically with momentum
Built to provide an accurate for on the body just as the joint moves to strength
The tool uses momentum to develop an internal force in the power core
Each force hits the body like a pulse, so hits the core in conjunction with the rest of the body
You won’t feel a workout like the one that uses a CMT


GRIPR’s work as a Momentum Tool because of the unique shape
GRIPR’s work as a Gravity Tool by offering a lot of different weights

Training while Suspended
Training while suspended can both assist and resist gravity
Moving while moving the straps can cause a swing like momentum
Hanging up a leg can change the way the body gets to react to the floor
All exercises become core specific and a challenge to stability

Band Training
Bands have an increasing curve of resistance as they get longer
Using them creatively they can change ground reaction force by moving your center of gravity
Bands can assist and resist gravity

Cable Training
Cables are a great way of adding momentum
Adjustable cable columns allow for specific paths of momentum

Dumbbell Training
One of the oldest uses of dumbbells is to increase the gravity load on the body
By moving them around the body, then the dumbbell becomes effective at enhancing momentum


Barbell Training
Barbells are the traditional training tool that can be used in many ways
In traditional and Olympic Lifts, they work as the ultimate in gravity enhancers
Using the Barbells rolling property then they can change gravity reactions while creating momentum

VIPR Exercises
The VIPR is a great training tool designed specifically for functional training.
Its multiple handles allow for variations in momentum.
The weights allow it to work as a great way of enhancing gravity in movement.

Medicine Balls
Medicine Ball exercises have progressed a long way since they were first introduced to the fitness world
The work great with gravity, going up to large weights and offering a unique grip challenge

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