Functional Training Circuit Workout

Today’s full body workout is a functional training circuit using 5 training exercise  tools.  The workout is perfect for both indoor and outdoor boot camps. These 5 exercises will provide your clients core training, strength training and overall conditioning.  The training tools we will use are VipR and Kettlebells. The last 3 training tools are made by Escape Fitness, Core Momentum Trainer, Sand Bag and GripR.

If you have just started out as a personal trainer, then FASTER’s Circuit Training Course  will provide you with a leg up on your competition.  The course is based on Multi-Modality Training – Based on the Principle of Rule the Tool.  The course provides access to  the following:

  • over 1500+ Exercises
  • 20 Exercise Design Templates: just insert any of the 1500 exercises
  • Energy Systems Training
  • SETS – Program Card and System
  • TEST – for the certificate in FCT

FASTER’s Circuit Training Course  is what FASTER calls a base course and is the first level of learning with FASTER after you have completed your Personal Training course. However do not think that this course is easy, in fact, we will push you to learn more and stand out in your gym, area, team or the location you intend to use this in.  Once you have completed the Circuit Training course, then you can upgrade onto one of our courses that also sit on this level –
Rule the Kettlebell
Training In’tension (straps and band training)
Stop Turn Accelerate
Gripr – Handheld sandbag training (through FASTER and Escape Fitness)**
Core Momentum Trainer – Brand new training tool exclusive to FASTER and Escape)**
**These courses can stand alone and be taken without the circuit course


Workout:  60-second intervals, 20-second rest between exercises, repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 vipr lunge rotation and press forward



Exercise 2 Kettlebell Push Jerk



Exercise 3 CMT Launch to squat jump high transverse



Exercise 4 Sand Bag Transverse Jump slam and high pull frontal clean



Exercise 5 Gripr Grab Grip Supported Squat Thrust In Sync Wide In Narrow