Personal Trainers don’t just need a personal training course, a personal training certificate or a fitness book, they need inspiration.  My aim from FASTER in 2014 is to provide this, on this page, by sharing workouts and stuff!  Each day we can, we will publish a workout for you, with associated gifs to show you the exercises.

Additionally, you will be able to find all of these exercises in our currently being created website where you will find the exercises in lists to make them easy to see.  All of these exercises will be filmed, and put online at every chance we get.  Look out, as we have around 1400 to go up at the moment!!

The Christmas Recovery Core Circuit

Here is a quick circuit to try out, to see if we cannot burn off some of the Christmas excess.

**Usual warnings apply – Exercise is a risk, make sure you have been signed off by a professional to train (Doctor, other Medical, Personal Trainer etc), and also only work within your capacity, so stop if you feel pain, feel faint or anything feels just a bit off!**

For this Core circuit you will need a medicine ball.

Our goal is to give you a 15 minute workout (including rest) that will help you feel like you are starting towards your fitness goals for 2014, early!!  This is a simple circuit to start you back, we will ramp these up each day.

Warm-up and Cool Down

(complete anything you would normally do at this point)

Our Suggestion


Dynamax abdominal squat

Squat with an emphasis on the abdominals

The circuit

1 minute per station, go through 3 times, Go as fast as you can!

Ball Burpees

Dynamax Medicine ball burpee

Like a normal Burpee but do not let go of the ball!

Ball Push-ups

Dynamax Medicine Ball Push up

A push up using the medicine ball as a base

Ball Squats

Dynamax abdominal squat

Squat with an emphasis on the adbominals

Ball Plank Rolls

Dynamax Plank with leg reac

Drive the pelvis via the leg, using the medicine ball as resistance.