We have been upgrading our Specialist courses, and we have just added Functional Nutrition Recorded Live, to the course. So now you have Function, Coaching, Sales, Marketing and Functional Nutrition all in the one course (not to mention all the other extras in the course, such as our fasterised versions of ViPR, Suspension training (which we call supported training), Dynamax Training, Speed Performance Training, Olympic Lifting and much more!)

Functional Nutrition

Dr. Nick Studholme, Functional Nutrition Medicine Course

Here is the introductory video for the nutrition course, if you want to sign up for more, then call Jake on 08455 191615 or email john@train4function.com and we will be more than happy to work out the best way for you to learn (one to one live, one to group live or online), and we will work out the very best price for you too. Enjoy!!