Squat Full Body Workout Using Bands and Dumbbells.


Today’s workout will use two training tools combined with squats. The two training tools I selected are Bands and Dumbbells. Combined these exercises will provide your clients with a full bodywork and overall core strength. If you have your client increase the weights of the dumbbells each set, they will intensify their strength training. The Bands will provide resistance to each exercise.

Squats are a great way of performing body weight exercises to help achieve results for your Personal Training clients.The squat is a whole body movement that can be driven by technique or by the goal of motion, depending on your own Personal Training style. Using 1 leg squats rather than 2 leg squats is ideal with a body weight workout because it allows the non-dominant leg to work hard without having the option of bailing out. This can lead to a less coach dominated Personal Training Session. The workout has 6  squats for you to try. They could form part of an outdoor circuit, an indoor group class or a one to one session. The exercises if done with the right intensity and over the right amount of time, would work perfectly as part of a warm-up, cool-down or the main personal training session.


Workout:  60 second intervals, 20 second rest between exercises, 3 sets


Exercise 1 band supported squat thrust in sync wide in narrow, wide



Exercise 2 dumbbell one leg squat



Exercise 3 band squat with wide feet and press forward



Exercise 4 dumbbell split squat dumbbell



Exercise 5 band squat with pelvis wide and press rotation



Exercise 6 dumbbells squat with pelvis rotation and press rotation