Friday is Finally Here! Which means time for the Gun Show 



To follow a tradition of training that started somewhere in Mansfield ( Well according to the historian John Hardy) circa 1992, Friday has become known as gun day. It is believed that in some parts of the UK it is illegal to not train guns to failure on a Friday in preparation for an evening on the town. Furthermore, it could be stated that not only would you risk arrest, then you may also be left lonely in the Kebab shop around 2 am. You don’t want to be lonely, Well Do You??


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Workout: 45- second intervals per exercise, 20- second rest between exercise, repeat 4 times. Then final set per exercise  12-8-6-24 reps heavy drop set! Burn Baby Burn!


Exercise 1 dumbbells centre to wide pull 



Exercise 2 dumbbells hand lunge forward



Exercise 3 dumbbell incline bicep curl



Exercise 4 dumbbells lying push from chest to knee with rotation



Exercise 5 dumbbell push press