Are you willing to listen?

I have been a qualified personal trainer for 8 years now and I am no 6 or 7 figure earner…..BUT, I have passion! Passion to make a difference!

For the last 4 years I have been studying the papers and magazines, using articles to back up my own project to help people lose weight.

Yes, you may have noticed, that we are in the grip of an “obesity pandemic”. A “ticking timebomb” is going to go off and we are at the precipice of the “tipping point”.

All nice, fancy words, but what is being done? The government talks a good game, but not one of the parties in power wants to be perceived as introducing a nanny state. Therefore, as “fitness professionals”, I believe it is up to us to take this “problem” by the fat and help people that want to be helped.

I’m not perfect, but I have passion and I am trying to make an impact on my own, like many of you.We all try and make a difference in our own small part of the country. A journey starts with the first step is a quote we all use when chatting to clients. But radical change requires radical action. And this country needs radical changes!

We can come together and make not only take the industry to a new level, but also our lives! None of us can do it alone. Change won’t happen if we all work to the same goal, yet do it as individuals….This brought me to thinking…..We need a Fat fighting team, like the Avengers!


Individually they are all successful and have their unique powers.

  • Tony Stark/Iron Man – As Iron Man possesses powered armor that gives him superhuman strength and durability, flight, and an array of weapons.  Is an inventive genius whose expertise in the fields of mathematicsphysicschemistry.
  • Steve Rogers / Captain America – A World War II veteran who was enhanced to the peak of human physicality by an experimental serum.
  • Peter Parker/Spiderman – A bite from a radioactive spider on a school field trip causes a variety of changes in the body of Peter Parker and gives him superpowers such as the ability to cling to walls, superhuman strength, a sixth sense (“spider-sense”) that alerts him to danger, perfect balance and equilibrium, as well as superhuman speed and agility. Some of his comic series have him shooting webs from his wrists.

Some great individual powers but they also experience troubles fighting alone! Collectively, however, they come together to fight the enemies no single one of them can tackle individually.

Our country’s obesity problem is a problem we cannot tackle individually!

It’s funny, this was actually a presentation topic I had earmarked to somehow “perfect” and present at the 2013 Fitness Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. I have never been to FEB before and was somehow looking to get in with some of the movers and shakers so that I could present in 2013.

But you know what, I cannot wait that long! Sure, this may not be as impactful reading from a computer, but I hope the message is just as poignant and strikes a chord.

I got into the fitness world because I thought it would bring riches!

So far, I am still waiting.

I know plenty of you are raking it in, and this may bring you happiness; the ability to control your lives and the ability to work as few hours as you want. Personally though, the riches I now crave are not money. Corny as it may sound, I want to make a difference! A real difference, not just marketing chat!

I am not an expert, a guru, or an industry legend. But as part of a team I believe I can fulfil what it is I believe I have been put on this earth to do. I believe that all the skills I have, the setbacks I have experienced and the passion I have inside have been put upon me to make me…well, me! Somebody who can and will make a difference!

I really hope that others feel the same way. If you are in this industry to make a quick buck, this idea is probably not for you….I am looking to form a team that is looking for something else. A team that can make themselves indispensable to this and any government that comes after. A team that may have to invest some money to get up and running and maybe even lose some money in the short term. But this team will come good, because this team will bring together a whole host of specialist skills which individually are great, but together can be life changing – not just for us involved, but for those we can help.

By making ourselves indispensable to the country we will open up the flood gates to untold riches. I’m not talking 6 or 7 figures, I’m talking the sorts of riches that the likes of Andrew Carnegie and John D Rockefeller amassed! (If you have never heard of either of them, then get onto “Google”.)



Beyond the money, we will cement a legacy that will never be frittered away. The money doesn’t last, but what you did with your life will.

Here my call and join the team.

The fat fighting avengers!

Who’s with me?

“Avengers Assemble!”