Find a Faster Personal Trainer or Mentor

Science driven personalised fitness coaching from the best trainers in the industry

“After years of big companies taking our trainers, it was time for us to bring them directly to you.  If you are looking for a Personal Trainer that is science-based in technique and yet highly skilled as a coach to ensure you get the results you deserve in the most efficient and safe way possible.”

Faster is an education company that has coached and developed some of the leading Personal Trainers in the world.  We produce educators and trainers who work with all populations from A’ list celebrities and athletes through to specialist populations clients. 

The trainers on this list have to stay current with our education, we require the trainers to contribute to our community in order to ensure that they have the very latest research in all area’s of fitness.  Areas we focus on include,  weight loss, pain and injury recovery, performance training across all sports as well as a knowledge of applying psychology to the delivery of the training. 

Our trainers have levels of education that they have completed with Faster, and that is how we list them below.  

Course Directors  –

“Course Directors are the trainers that have completed all of our training and then have gone onto co-write their own courses in their specialist subject. If you are looking for a high-quality trainer with specific skills and knowledge in fitness then these are the trainers for you.  Should you want to find a mentor, then these trainers offer mentoring.”

Joanne Groves
Author – Faster Group Fitness

Alison Graham
Author – Training Clients with Cancer
North and Central London UK

Ollie Pearce
Author – Games for Pains
South West London

James Barr
Author – Collision 
Impulse Fitness – Liverpool Street, London UK

Faster Training Experts (FTE) –

“Our Faster Training Experts (FTE) are amazing, they have completed all of the Faster courses and have the craft, the strategies and the research to help you achieve your goals at a rapid pace.  Our FTE travel the world presenting to other fitness professionals and locally work with clients who demand science-driven exercise to ensure that they achieve results efficiently and safely. These trainers are also available to deliver training.”

Jo Perkins
Astons Health Studio


Kim Godfrey
Apex Performance Training
15 miles from


Andy Jones
Studio 131
Birmingham Central


Justin Richards
Hybrid Fit
West Midlands

Dan Farr
Dan Farr PT
Manchester Spinning Fields


Charlie Knight
Pure Gym / Charlie Knight Fitness
Windsor and Burnham UK


Alex Moulton
Target Fitness Gym
Weare, Somerset,


Jon Ship
iGnite Golf Conditioning
West Midlands

Paul Chipp
Fitness First
Clapham Junction


Stephanie Jannati
Proimpact Fitness / Bootcamps E16
South East London UK


Lynne Pearson
Edinburgh City Personal Trainer
Edinburgh, UK


Karl Hutchinson
Nexus Physiques

Emma Woodcock
Emma Woodcock PT
Bude UK


Ally Taylor
Movewell Fitness and Wellbeing
Guildford and Dorking UK


Holly James
BH Live Queens Park