How to avoid bad exercise selection

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Putting the Fat Trainer Debate to Bed

“Hey we hired a trainer that was in shape, now you are full of clients, have some money and a life, you seem to be getting fat, you are fired!”

Apparently, this is not just a debate, but worse still, it seems to be the go-to fitness industry debate, which amazes me.

Here are some of the quotes, this topic that not many will approach and is edgy, has hundreds of thousands of posts and debates about it.

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Can a functional trainer deadlift?

Have you heard any of the other passive-aggressive insults from trainers who do not understand how to build an exercise and a programme?

– So are you one of those trainers that do bicep curls while standing on a Bosu?
– Are you one of those trainers that pop pills, only eats meat, lives to lift weights and has small balls?
– Hey, are you one of those Vegan Trainers that names all their movements after animals and who prays to the moon?

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How to find the clients you want

Have any of the following thoughts gone through your head?
– I wish I could train celebrities
– I wish I could train athletes and pro-sports
– I wish I could charge more
– I wish I could fly, survive in no atmosphere and train aliens
(Okay, the last one might just be me, it is good to have a goal though!)

In the last year, four of my trainers have hit the £100+ an hour mark for Personal Training sales.

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Posture, Fascia, Pain and other Manipulations

The new grey area awaiting a deluge of new experts has been pushed out into social media. It is a newly discovered organ called interstitium, in reality, the scientists have not identified what it does, how you change it, if it needs change, if it is an organ, if it is relevant. All they have determined is that you need to stay hydrated for it to be efficient.

Despite no detail to the research, this has not stopped people claiming,

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Falling for Curing

In 1997 reluctantly I joined the fitness industry, in my mind, I was a Footballer that was not good enough so had to become a Football Coach. My introduction to training was a new gym in Nottingham which had a pool, a brand new gym and toning tables.

My fitness background was a Degree in coaching, a YMCA course and some small courses at University.

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Building a Scientific Process

I want to share with you the journey that has lead me to build a scientific thought process for FASTER; that would drive all of our education on all levels.

Over the years I have managed to go from a postgraduate in sports coaching who used books as evidence to make decisions to a guru chaser, to a guru (eek, horrible to say out loud) and finally into a science lead trainer and educator.

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Introducing the CMT - Core Momentum Trainer

Deciding a title for this article was tough because I know that the Core Momentum Trainer (CMT) can cause some differing opinions. This article is about the ways we use the CMT, and how it could become one of your go-to training tools.

The CMT is different to the novel fad training tools that have been on the market for the last ten years plus.

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Individualising Workouts by Scott Devenney

Have you ever been prescribed an individualised training program? Did you ever wonder what made it specific to you? 

Individualised training programs are something I’ve seen tossed around the fitness industry a lot and with every trainer claiming to individualise each program for their clients.

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How much should I charge?

If you freelance as a Personal Trainer and so get to set your own fee’s, then working out how much to charge is important. In this article, I am going to try and help you work this out.

Initially, you need to get the basics in place –

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Student Focus - Kaisa Fit

In this feature, I like to run an article on the students from our business who are now doing exceptionally well in the industry. Our trainer’s success if defined by them so could be a superstar level, or it may be a local goal that they met.

Kaisa is a FASTER student who completed my one to one mentorship, and also our FTE and Course Directors courses.

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Building a Video Script

Build video’s from scripts is taken from our #FSQUAD group, which is a group that you will see featured in the newspaper, videos, wiki and podcasts as we help them get some recognition in the industry.

If you would like to be part of our #FSQUAD, then click the link and get involved.

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