Faster Circuit Trainer – Rule the Tool Own the Exercise

by | Aug 6, 2019 |

“Imagine someone designed a course that would enable you to compete with more experienced trainers, straight off the back of your new Personal Training Qualification.  We did.  This is it!”

You need exercises fast, but that is not enough you need them to be innovative and you need a way of putting them together to make workouts that achieve your clients goal, but make them feel amazing as well.  On top of that, you want to know why, it is not enough to have a workout or a cool exercise, you need to know exactly why it is amazing and what it does.

This course is aimed at doing just that, it will start you on a track of learning which will take you to the top of the industry in the sector you choose.  After this first step you will definitely stand out in your gym.

The course is delivered online through pre-recorded lectures.

The course contains –

1500+ Exercises and Growing

20 Exercise Templates that can be used in many ways by just inserting some of the 1500+ exercises


The course content is split in to the following stages –

Movement and Performance Training
Activating Muscles
Energy Systems Training
SETS – Program Card and System

How to Buld your own Program Library

  • Straight Sets
  • Circuits
  • Pre-exhaust
  • Post-exhaust
  • Metabolic Circuit
  • Trisets
  • Open/Closed Chain Supersets
  • Compound Sets

How to build your own Exercise Library (with over 1500 exercises to get you started)

  • Body Weight
  • Dumbbells
  • Suspension
  • Barbell
  • Medicine Ball
  • Cable
  • Band Exercises
  • Kettlebell
  • ViPR
  • Band Exercises
  • GripR & Sandbell
  • CMT – Core Momentum Trainer