Would you like to learn exercise design theory? Would you like to create exercise and workout circuits for your clients? If you say yes, then by all means check out FASTER’s Functional Training Circuits Course. This course is based on the principal of Rule The Tool this multi-modality training course will add many tools to your training arsenal for your clients.

  • Learn the process of building an exercise for any training tool.
    • Then learn how to hit any muscle group.
    • Take every training tool and learn its personality
    • Split Exercise Design and Energy Systems
    • Use our SETS system to create programmes very easily

The CMT  seen above is the brand new industry training tool that works specifically with momentum
Designed originally by a Physical Therapist and Engineer
Built to provide an accurate for on the body just as the joint moves to strength
The tool uses momentum to develop an internal force in the power core
Each force hits the body like a pulse, so hits the core in conjunction with the rest of the body
You won’t feel a workout like the one that uses a CMT

Training while Suspended
Training while suspended can both assist and resist gravity
Moving while moving the straps can cause a swing like momentum
Hanging up a leg can change the way the body gets to react to the floor
All exercises become core specific and a challenge to stability
The equipment is often light and can travel to be used anywhere

These are just a couple of the over 1500 exercise videos that are included in the Functional Training Circuit Course. Please take a look at the complete course for the details and registration. Reach out with any questions that you may have.