Today’s workout for your clients consists of  a trio of core exercises.  These exercises are part of FASTER’s Functional Training Circuit Course.  We will use the new CMT – Core Momentum Trainer (By Escape Fitness), Resistance Bands and the VipR. These three exercises will provide a great core workout for your clients. The exercises provide upper and lower body workouts. The combination is a good warm up or can  be extended for complete workout of 45 minutes.  This circuit can be used for personal and small group training.

Core Momentum Trainer:

The CMT is the brand new industry training tool that works specifically with momentum
Designed originally by a Physical Therapist and Engineer.  The tool uses momentum of the pellets inside the cylinder to develop an internal force in the power core. Each force hits the body like a pulse which hits the core in conjunction with the rest of the body.  There is no other workout that will leave you feeling that uses a CMT!

 Exercise 1 CMT launch to squat jump frontal


Band Training

Bands have an increasing curve of resistance as they get longer. Using them creatively they can change ground reaction force by moving your center of gravity. Bands can assist and resist gravity. They also work as an unnatural momentum force on full ranges. Momentum, or initial power creation for end ranges work really well with bands
Using a band to pull a client off course while your client is moving provides a  great sports specific training exercise.

Exercise 2 band supported squat thrust in sync straight in and out


VIPR Training

The VIPR is a great training tool designed specifically for functional training.
Its multiple handles allow for variations in momentum.
The weights allow it to work as a great way of enhancing gravity in movement.
Due to its durability, the VIPR can be jumped over and so provide a challenge to ground reaction.

Exercise 3 vipr leg reach backward and press to the side


Click here for additional exercise videos . Please check out FASTER’s Functional Training Circuits Course Learn the process of building an exercise for any training tool. Then learn how to hit any muscle group.Take every training tool and learn its personality. Learn Split Exercise Design and Energy Systems and use our SETS system to create programmes easily. Lastly, here is a FREE Personal Training Course