Core Training – Core Training Exercises

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Core Training is a very important skill to develop as a Personal Trainer. This new training tool, the Core Momentum Trainer (CMT) is an ideal solution for this, as it has a unique loading system that helps integrate the core and limbs while giving an audio feedback on the quality of the movement.

This combination of core training exercises, focuses on the frontal plane and steadily builds up intensity up until the last exercise.

Each exercise emphasises the obliques but does hit all parts of the core while training movement across the rest of the body.

This Exercise Routine goes through the following –

  • Balance and Catch
  • 1 leg balance and catch
  • Squat and Catch
  • 1 Leg Squat and Catch
  • Lunge and Catch
  • Jump and Catch
  • Hop and Catch
  • 2 to 1 Jump to Catch
  • Hop and Catch
  • Shuffle Turn and Catch

Drop the Core Momentum Trainer and run off!!

The main goal in this combination work out, is to try and challenge the clients core to decellerate the movement between the pelvis and the ribs.  Each time the ribs are driven away from the pelvis, especially with a pulse of resistance then the core reacts with an agressive pulse in the opposite direction.

In the balance exercise the ribs move away from the pelvis, then drive the pelvisin the same direction.  Due to the lag in the movement, each time the CMT changes direction, then the pelvis and the ribs travel in opposite directions to each other.

With the one leg balance exercise, lifting the leg pulls the pelvis down to the ground.  Additionally the movement of the ribs and pelvis occur the same way as the two leg version.

Introducing a squat and a one leg squat will move the pelvis in to an anterior tilt during the decent which will put more work through the core and increase the time the core is in action.  This increases the training effect of the exercise.  Moving to one leg increases the over all tension by requiring the pelvis to be held up, in a similar way to the one leg balance.

Using a lunge increases the movement of the pelvis and creates a double pulse of energy through the core when the foot hits the floor and ground reaction forces make there way through to the core.

Jump, two to one Jump and Hops with a catch continue this spectrum of increasing the force through the core, via the floor and the pelvis.  Combined with the catch this is a great way of increasing the workload in the core.

The final run and turn links the core up with the glutes, and also gives a great finisher to the exercise video.

Building the exercises in this order works as a warm-up and also the increase in intensity can really make the workout feel great for the client.

I hope you enjoy the Core Momentum Trainer and can find a use for it in your training.  The early adopters of this tool will really reap the benefits.