Core Momentum Trainer Provides The Missing Link For Core Training

There is a fundamental problem  with the way that some people view training to develop mobility. There has not been a single product or training tool that effectively targets the core and specific muscles. It is very difficult to find an exercise tool that can create the forces required to enhance the sequencing of the core (the hub of the body) with the extremities.

Derek Steveson and Mark Lashinski set out on a journey to solve all of the problems. They moved through a number of vital decisions and developments to design the ultimate training tool. A beta testing product – the CoreStick
– was developed and used extensively with athletes and sportspeople, at PT sessions and by physiotherapists to
assist in rehabilitation. A new member of the team came on board during this period: John Hardy of Faster Health and Fitness.  John educates fitness industry professionals on the best way to deliver training and has a special interest in the way the body moves. He saw the potential of the CoreStick and integrated it into his training programmes straightaway.

Escape Fitness heard about the product from John Hardy. Escape loved it from the start but recognized that more development was needed to make it commercially viable. Their expertise in materials, engineering and design was put to use in the creation of what is now known as the Core Momentum Trainer (CMT). 

How does the CMT work? At the end of each movement, users feel a sudden force. The CMT is based around the central unit – the Power Core – that contains lubricated steel pellets. At the end of each movement, this material collides with force against the Power Core walls. The force is transferred to the user’s core via their arms. Working hard to precisely control the force is what guarantees an effective workout. Work effectively and you hear a sharp,
sudden sound. The sound of the collision in the Power Core provides an accurate indication of how well the exercise is being performed. When you are working effectively with the CMT the material hits the Power Core sweet spot and you hear a sharp, sudden sound. A longer, less sharp sound indicates that you are  becoming fatigued, so it’s time to up the effort or move on to another exercise.

If you really want to explore all of the opportunities created by the CMT, you can become an expert by taking part in the trainers’ education opportunities from  Faster Health and Fitness Live Core Momentum Trainer Courses and Escapes Training.  The hybrid live and online sessions will mean you are better able to assess how well clients are performing with the CMT. The course will take you through lots of examples of movement patterns to use with your clients. We will also show you how to create and deliver new muscle and movement exercises for your clients, tailored to their desired outcomes. Faster Health and Fitness and Escape currently have live courses scheduled in the United Kingdom, Australia and starting in the United States in August.  Please check FASTER’s Live Course Calendar for the location nearest to you.   You can see the CMT in action at next week’s s  2015 IDEA Worl Fitness Convention.          




Here are the information portals for the Core Momentum Trainer:

Connect with trainers currently using the CMT around the world on the dedicated  Facebook Group We Love Our Core Momentum Trainer (CMT) !   This Facebook group will provide critique direct from trainers that are using the CMT in their sessions. You can also hear about the Core Momentum Trainer Live Courses from the trainers that have taken the course.  The Core Momentum Trainer Briefing Paper will provide you greater details of the history and personal training applications with the CMT.  You can see the CMT in action at next week’s s  2015 IDEA World Fitness Convention.           Check Escape Fitness for purchasing your Core Momentum Trainer.


Please reach out to Michael Landau with any questions.