Core Momentum Trainer (By Escape Fitness) Exercises and Workouts

The CMT is based around the central unit – the Power Core – that contains lubricated steel pellets. At the end of each movement, this material collides with force against the Power Core walls. The force is transferred to
the user’s core via their arms. Working hard to precisely control the force is what guarantees an effective workout.

THE tool for specialist core workouts. Whether as the main route to core and abdominals development or as part of a varied programme, the CMT works brilliantly as a specialist core tool. Because core and abs development is such a highly-valued proposition, dedicated training for individuals or groups is bound to be a big seller. THE tool for mobility. The CMT’s strength in movement development makes it the ideal tool for mobility drills that prepare the body for all kinds of activity, both in the gym and in daily life. An all-round aide for functional training. You can use the exercises we have developed to deliver great all-round core and movement routines as part of functional training.


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Workout: 2 minute intervals, 40 second rest between exercises , repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 Core Momentum Trainer Launch and backward lunge



Exercise 2 CMT launch,punch,catch with squat end range engage



Exercise 3 CMT punch to drive internal external rotation



Exercise 4 CMT Golf backswing and follow through



Exercise 5 CMT lateral step opposite side catch