Core Momentum Trainer Boosts Sex Drive? Written by Joanne Groves

Want to find an exciting gift for your loved one this year – one that will make Valentine’s Day a day (or night) to remember?
You may want to consider The Big Red or other coloured  Core Momentum Trainer (CMT) By Escape Fitness
By now you may have heard how popular the Core Momentum Trainer is for hitting your Core and getting your Blood pumping and your heart rate up. We know it is fantastic to help with sports specific training. We know it makes our core hurt for days and that we hit energy systems at pace resulting in fat burning. We also now it is fantastic for therapy to increase power in new ranges but there may well be a new reason this valentines day to check out your local trainer with a CMT.
A group of 78 sedentary but healthy men were split up and half put through their energy systems 3 to 5 times a week and I’m guessing there is no surprise to discover those that went through the exercise program experienced an increase in frequency in intimate activities and reliability of adequate functioning during sex and more satisfying orgasms!
But it is not Just For Men! In a 30minute CMT class women will be using both their aerobic energy system and aerobic energy system in an intense core workout. Could this affect their sex drive? According to a very scientific study, 36 women were asked to view a “neutral’ film followed by an erotic film. The women were asked to take part in 20 mins of intense exercise before watching the films. 12 women were sexually functional, 12 experienced loss in sexual desire, and 12 experienced problems in achieving orgasm.

Exercise significantly increased their responses to an erotic film ( I don’t need to spell it out!) among sexually functional women and those with a low sexual desire. So before you head for the chocolates you may want to think about buying a CMT or booking in with a local Faster Trainer to help you and your partner get into the Valentines Mood!

Joanne Groves

Most Recent Testimonials!

“ My husband has noticed the difference after joining Jo’s CMT sessions in Wimbledon!!” Elaine
“ After my first baby I have seen an improvement in my confidence and my desire !looking forward to a passionate Valentines day!” Anonymous

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Joanne applying Neural Notching with Core Momentum Trainer



Please watch this video with your instructor and   FASTER’s Master Trainer Joanne Groves and  other trainers are saying about the CMT.  Click here to find a Core Momentum Trainer Course near you!