Core Momentum Trainer And Energy Escape Explained

Today, I thought we would take another look at the Core Momentum Trainer and Energy Escape.  Joanne Groves, a FASTER Course Director, wrote a blog, for our friends Escape Fitness,  on how and why it works so well. Joanne talks of the   theory behind ‘energy escape’, and why this helps to condition muscles and increase power using the CMT as the ideal tool.

Energy Escape Explained

As with all training tools, creating a great motion with the CMT is vital.  To do this we use a system called ‘energy escape’. Although the term energy escape is not, in scientific terms, a recognised theory, it is linked to the role of the peripheral and central nervous systems, and their ability to protect joints. For example, in a squat our brain may want our body to stop, which aims to protect the knee and hip joints, telling the brain that if the movement is performed any further, it runs the risk of injury or damaging the joint.  READ THE ENTIRE BLOG HERE



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Today’s Workout:  2 minute intervals per exercise, 40-second rest between exercises repeat 2 times


Exercise 1 Core Momentum Trainer launch and pivot frontal



Exercise 2 CMT Sagittal Forward Lunge opposite side catch



Exercise 3 Core Momentum Trainer Squat jump



Exercise 4 CMT lateral step opposite side catch



Exercise 5 Core Momentum Trainer launch and transverse opposite side lunge