We’re definitely gearing up for next year’s FASTER Convention in Derby, and I’m starting to get more confirmations of who will be presenting – it’s all looking pretty darned exciting! Here’s an introduction (to anyone who doesn’t already know him as a FASTER friend) to Ryan Crandall . You won’t want to miss this guy. Take a look at his brilliant “5 Minutes of Movement” video…




Bio: I’m Ryan Crandall, owner of Fitness & Yoga Integration. I’ve had a knack for understanding and learning about the human body since I was a young boy. Many trips to the hospital E.R. with numerous sprains, strains, and fractures spurred a never ending curiosity to learn more.

After receiving a degree in Psychology, I pursued a degree in Physical Therapy. Upon graduating, I worked with orthopedic and neurological patients in hospitals and nursing homes. I used my education and background of physical therapy to spearhead my push into personal training, yoga instruction, and training trainers to be better trainers! I’m currently working on going back to school for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Today, I’m a personal trainer, movement specialist, author, educator to up and coming trainers, and always relentlessly studying more and more about the human body to help as many people as I can. I thoroughly enjoy helping others not only to lose weight and inches, but to have more fun and functional lives with less pain and less chronic and acute injuries. Let’s LEARN together shall we?