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Annika Kahn is the creator of JUNGSHIN FITNESS™, LLC. She is a lifelong athlete and 4-time world grand champion in the Korean Art of Kuk Sool Won, achieving the rank of 4th degree black belt. Her background includes extensive athletic training in martial arts, swimming and kickboxing, and eight-person crew.

Prior to the creation of JUNGSHIN FITNESS™, Annika was an instructor at Applied Biosystems in Foster City California, teaching the basics of DNA sequencing and Fragment Analysis. She holds secondary teaching credentials in both mathematics and science and an MA in the Psychology of Health. Her system is true, cutting-edge, tough, and transformational.

What is Jungshin Fitness?

JUNGSHIN FITNESS™ is a high-intensity, full body workout using a wooden practice sword. This legendary tool from the martial arts will help you increase mental focus and the ability to be radically present, even as you’re kicking, jumping, stretching and targeting your core. It works the body from inside-out, and is truly the no-cheat workout.


There are different levels and class formats within the Jungshin Fitness system

JUNGSHIN FITNESS™ is designed to energize and optimize your body from the inside out. It utilizes the sword to enhance the breath in-between the athletic components. You’ll feel renewed, revitalized and stress-free after this heart-pumping, mind-focusing workout


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