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Information on the Community

Faster has always had the most envied community in the industry, so much so, that some trainers think we are like a cult.  We are not.  Instead, we lead the industry by inviting you back to sit in on the courses you previously paid for, without asking for any more payments.  Our group chats and live hangouts are built to help passionate Personal Trainers to interact, grow and face truths about the industry that can challenge and ultimately improve the individual.  We do go to fight for each other, as you would expect, but we also support through good times and bad time.  Faster is a real family, a place for ups and downs and somewhere that you will be free to be you and develop into the trainer you want to be.

Our course delivery and community support systems are designed to give you safe spaces to learn, grow and become the trainer the industry deserves. These tabs below share the dates we will get together online, so you can have a community without wasted commuting time, and make friends way before you ever even meet.

Meeting on Zoom

Zoom is an app that is similar to Skype, we use it to deliver online training in a way that is both interactive and non-intrusive.  It gives you the ability to switch off your camera or microphone, you can privately chat with other students on the call via text (including the Tutor, who can then answer anonymous questions)

Our lectures for courses have the lesson and then a Q&A session, we do not record these so you can feel free that you have a space to learn and make mistakes without having any come back.

Level 2/3 - These meetups will be for the most popular lesson the group needs tackling that week, plus online help with Q&A's

FASTER courses - These will rotate through content as a normal classroom course would, with the support of pre-recorded videos if you miss a hangout.  As with all our courses, as long as you stay active and inside our guideline then you have access to these with no additional fee after your original fee.

#FSQUAD - This is a bi-weekly business topic and discussion aimed at improving your Personal Training business.  We will have guest experts and spend time helping your business.

Content Community - A weekly group, that is free with #FSQUAD, but also available as a monthly subscription, where we build, share and support content.

Faster Social - This is a monthly networking check-in available to all of our students to help connect, answer generic questions and just to keep you in touch with other Personal Trainers in an industry that can be lonely around friends.

AIQ Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer Courses

Every two weeks we have a group drop-in to help to discuss what is needed to get you through the course.  These weeks we will run support lessons as well, based on the group's feedback of what people are struggling with or would like to re-cap.

Level 2 and 3 hangouts happen at the same time, more details will be shared each week though.
(1-1 hangouts are still available as you need them)

Dates - Time 6.30-8.30pm

October 2018
3rd, 17th, 31st

November 2018
14th, 28th

December 2018

January 2019
9th, 23rd

February 2019
6th and 20th

March 2019
6th and 20th

April 2019
3rd and 17th

Mentorship 1 - Live Zoom Lessons

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Dates and Lectures - All Running at 6pm to 7pm

October 30th - 2018
1 - How to identify potential clients
2 - How to approach potential clients
3 - Finding their carrot and their stick

November 6th - 2018
4 - Building your rounded skill set
5 - Social Media - Finding the skill in the popular programme
6 - Energy Systems - Building for feeling and specific results through the intensity of an exercise

November 20th - 2018
7 - Social Media - Deconstructing popular exercises
8 - Planning for specific goals on the Faster Skill Development - Performance scale
9 - Removing the risk from the cool exercise

December 4th - 2018
10 - Building a Plan for sales and marketing, price setting and social media post goals
11 - Social Media - Deconstructing a popular programme to identify the 5 Faster skills
12 - Adapting exercises to specifically hit muscle groups

December 18th - 2018
13 - Utilising the Mentorship 1 content to build a Faster SETS card workout


Mentorship 2 - Live Zoom Dates

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Live sessions will be from 6pm to 7pm on Thursdays 

December 27th 2018
1 - Building opening lines and analysing status for success
2 - Going in deep with the Why Why So So technique
3 - Setting goals with meaningful routes from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation

January 10th 2019
4 - Defining movements required for client success
5 - Joint actions and reasons for requirement across all of the FASTER defined skills
6 - Deconstructing and rebuilding a viral programme using the FASTER skill development/performance continuum

January 24th 2019
7 - Applying the effects of energy systems to gain physical results
8 - How to recognise and build the individual and Big eight movement possibilities across all major joints
9 - Muscle movement reaction recognition
10 - Deconstructing a viral exercise programme using the FASTER anatomy of exercise criteria

February 7th 2019
11 - Programming for weight loss using the SETS card
12 - Programming for muscle definition using the SETS card
13 - Assessing the requirements for movement, skill and performance assessments for clients
14 - Building accurate movement, skill and performance assessments for clients

February 21st 2019
15 - Coaching for 10 for Performance and Mindful Movement
16 - Building Skill Clusters for the 5 Skills (creating 45 exercises)
17 - Building Skill Clusters for the Upper Body in Skill Development (45 exercises)
18 - Building Skill Clusters for the Lower Body in Skill Development (45 exercises)
19 - Building Skill Clusters for the Upper Body in Performance Development (45 exercises)
20 - Building Skill Clusters for the Lower Body in Performance Development (45 exercises)
21 - Applying the Faster Exercise Generator for one muscle in Skill Development (45 exercises)

March 7th 2019
22 - Fatigue and Central Governer
23 - Loading performance criteria for top speed
24 - Loading performance criteria for acceleration
25 - Deconstructing the effects of resistance equipment on Gravity, Ground Reaction and Momentum

March 21st 2019
26 - Injury strategies from Injury to Performance
27 - Full programming

Mentorship 3 - Live Zoom Dates

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These take place every other Friday, and the first cohort will arrive at these lectures in April, where these will start April 5th from  7.30pm to 8.30pm on Fridays

April 5th 2019
1 - Avoiding Industry pitfalls using the FASTER system of filtering information
2 - The Anatomy of an Exercise explored for exercise creation
3 - Defining an overview of Long-term Programming for specific outcomes

April 19th 2019
4 - How to define the exact experience required to get the client to achieve success while staying motivated and positive
5 - Programming for experience
6 - How to locate, evaluate and compile research for all trainers

May  3rd 2019
7 - Applying the BIE in (Biomechanics, Intensity, Experience) system for evaluating client needs
8 - Deconstructing the anatomy of an assessment
9 - Fatigue Management Review

May 17th 2019
10 - Defining all bone motions
11 - Predicting all Muscle Actions (PAM) in all different plane combinations across all the major joints
12 - HMAC 7 - How to predict all bone, joint, and muscle activity in any movement at the important parts of a motion

May 31st 2019
13 - Applying Energy System knowledge to build specific outcome programmes
14 - Build 3 programmes where the biomechanics and intensity is based on specific research

June 14th 2019
15 - Build 14 exercise clusters for each component of a skill for skill development (98 Exercises)
16 - Build 14 exercise clusters for each component of a skill for performance enhancement (98 Exercises)
17 - Dissecting the 7 components of forces provided by training tools (RULE THE TOOL)
18 - Building long-term exercise routes from skill development to performance enhancement

June 28th 2019 
19 - From HMAC to full long-term programme design
20 - Injury research and programme application
21 - Pain Science and exercise design

July 12th 2019
22 - Collecting information for an exercise experience
23 - The three-act programme design process

Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

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Live Zoom dates can be found on our front page, calls run at 1.30pm GMT - 
Module 1 – Faster Process – 8th November
Module 2 – Biomechanics – 15th November
Module 3 – Brain and Nervous System – 22nd November
Module 4 – Injury – 29th November
Module 5 – Pain – 6th December
Module 6 – Prediction and Prevention of Injury – 13th December
Module 7 – Skill Development – 20th December
Module 8 – Performance Training – 27th December
Module 9 – Exercise Creation – 3rd January 2019
Module 10 – Communication – 10th January 2019
Module 11 – Assessment – 17th January 2019
Module 12 – Experiential Exercise Design – 24th January 2019

#FSQUAD Live on Zoom

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Every two weeks we will run a call on a specific area of business development, and share goals plus a task to keep us on track.  Also through our content creation club, we will ensure that our meetups bring us the best outcomes for our marketing. 

Additionally, we will run the Faster Content Creation meetings on the opposite Mondays.  This is a free group for the #FSQUAD members

This is our new schedule of lectures and meet up, dates on Zoom for FSQUAD -

All the FSQUAD meet-ups happen at 3 pm on a Monday Afternoon - 

1st - October - Long-term planning  - COMPLETED (now delivered 1-1 on sign-up)
15th - October - Building a 3rd Circle Service
29th - October - Marketing in the PT offseason
12th - November - Multiple sources of Income
26th - November - Planning your way through December
10th - December - Building a 2019 Plan of Action
17th - December - Virtual Christmas Party

7th - January - Planning a price increase
21st - January - Developing leads in the community
4th - February - Presenting to corporate clients
18th - February - Following and converting leads
4th - March - The art of writing newsletters
18th - March - How to get the interest of the local and national press (PR)
1st - April - Digital advertising
15th - April - Career Planning
29th - April - How to cope with hard business times
13th - May - How to get to A'list clients
27th - May - How to charge a fair but top end price


Content Creation Club

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These are the dates of our live Zooms, they happen bi-weekly on Monday mornings at 10am. 

8th - October - Story Structure finding beats
22nd - October - Story Structure planning the turn
5th - November - Story Structure matching dialogue and visuals
19th - November - Story Structure building arcs
3rd - December - Story Structure long-term planning

14th - January - Building your personality online
28th - January - How to deliver character through voice
11th - February - Watching your words, the importance of detail
25th - February - How to be funny, not stupid or strange on video
11th - March - Going live in a compelling way
25th - March - Building an interactive live video
8th - April - Creating content with writers' block
22nd - April - Avoiding normal to create extraordinary content
6th - May - Utilising popular TV formats to create compelling content
20th - May - The art of voiceover

FTE 2019

These are the dates for our top Level course, click here to read more and possibly sign up...

Running in the evenings at 8pm
Feb 4th – Biopsychosocial the overview of an approach
Feb 18th – Biology focus – Research Skills
Mar 4th – Biology focus – Biomechanics
Mar 18th -Biology focus – Advanced Biomechanics
April 1st – Biology focus – Movement Creation
April 15th – Psychology – Skill Development
April 29th – Psychology – Performance
May 13th – Social Science – Emotions and Pain
May 27th – Social Science – Influence and motivation

LIVE - 11am to 5pm
Venue – Nottingham City Centre (Specifics to be confirmed with the number of attendees)
Dates – 6,7,8,9 June
Day 1 – Building Craft (Observing and Predicting Movement across the whole body)
Day 2 – Building Craft (Research Skills, Assessment and Experience Design)
Day 3 – Building Craft (Exercise design and loading, hands-on and off techniques, coaching through the Biopsychosocial Model)
Day 4 – Utilising and Apply Craft to Strategy (Programme design that is based on the clients Biology, Psychology and utilizes social sciences to deliver this)

ONLINE – Delivered by Zoom conferencing and HiveLearning, a mixture of online material and live discussions.  A task and lecture every two weeks. Running at 8pm
June 24th – Biology – Sensation and Proprioception
July 8th – Psychology – Coaching
July 22nd – Social Science – Story Telling and Delivery
Aug 5th – Biology – Speed, Strength, Power and Range
Aug 19th – Psychology – Motivation, drive, inner conflict and story
Sep 2nd – Social Science – Language, Voice Control, Information Delivery
Sep 16th – Teaching – Bring all the skills together

LIVE 11-5
Venue – Nottingham City Centre (Specifics to be confirmed with the number of attendees)
Dates – 26,27,28,29 September
Day 1 – Advanced Craft and Strategies (Building on the skills and techniques from get together 1)
Day 2 – Delivering Courses, Talks and Promoting your business (The Craft and strategies of consistent delivery utilising Psychology and Social Sciences through story and goal driven games)
Day 3 – Teaching Lesson Plans and Feedback
Day 4 – Teaching Lesson Plans and Feedback

ONLINE – Delivered by Zoom conferencing and HiveLearning, the final weeks are to support and get you to the next level.
Oct 21st – General Catch up
Nov 11th – General Catch up
Dec 9th – General Catch up
Jan 13th – General Catch up

Faster Social Club - All Faster students welcome

Email John@fasterglobal.com for link details.

This get together is a networking hour designed to help you connect with the community, we will have a 30-minute topic at the start and then just a chat and get together!

October - 18th at 6 pm
November - 15th at 11 am
December - 20th at 6pm