Cable Pulley Workout

It is much cooler today, so I thought a nice way to get the blood flowing would be a weight lifting workout with the Cable Pulley Machine. This workout will provide a full body workout, hitting upper and lower body. This workout is also an excellent source for strength training. This workout is tough and high intensity.

Cable Training is a great way of adding momentum to your workout. Adjustable cable columns allow for specific paths of momentum. Cables using a pull from below will enhance the use of gravity. Additionally, using a pull from above will reduce the effect of gravity. When your client is attached to the cable can also change the effect of the ground reaction. Cable workouts provide a full body workout with exercises for upper and lower body. Cable exercises provide a safe and controlled weight lifting workout. Cable training is a great part of personal and small group training. Your clients can really work their core with these strength training exercises.


Workout: Just  4 sets 12-8-6-24 reps per exercise in succession, no rest between sets,  2- minute rest between exercises. weight heavy to light

Exercise 1 Base Exercise Cable Incline Flye



Exercise 2 Base Exercise Cable Side Lunge and Press



Exercise 3 Base Exercise Cable Low to High Row Wide



Exercise 4 Base Exercise Cable Push Press



Exercise 5 Base Exercise Cable Pivot forward and back with side press