The cold rain continues today, so we are back in the gym for a cable pulley and dumbbell workout. This workout is a full body workout. You get your weight and strength training as well as core training in this workout. This workout can easily be for your personal training and small group training clients.


Cable Training is a great way of adding momentum to your workout. Adjustable cable columns allow for specific paths of momentum. Cables using a pull from below will enhance the use of gravity. Additionally, using a pull from above will reduce the affect of gravity. When your client is attached to the cable can also change the affect of ground reaction. Cable workouts provide a full body workout with exercises for upper and lower body. Cable exercises provide a safe and controlled weight lifting workout. Cable training is a great part of personal and small group training. Your clients can really work their core with these strength training exercises.


Dumbbell Training: One of the oldest uses of dumbbells is to increase the gravity load on the body. By moving dumbbells around the body, they become effective at enhancing momentum. Holding dumbbells as a support while doing body weight exercises on the floor changes ground reaction forces. Dumbbells allow for a free movement of limbs so very specific exercises can be designed.


Workout :  5 sets   15, 11, 9, 7, 5 reps , increase weight each set


Exercise 1 Base Exercise Cable Press Rotation



Exercise 2 dumbbells standing press from shoulder to above head forward



Exercise 3 Base Exercise Cable jump 2 to 1 forward with press



Exercise 4 dumbbells lying push from chest to above head with rotation and forward



Exercise 5 Base Exercise Cable Squat with Feet Out and Press



Exercise 6 dumbbells lift in sync rotation



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