Barbell Exercises and Workouts

Today’s exercise tool will be the barbell. We will create a full body work out with barbell exercises. You can intensify the workout by increasing the weight load on the barbell.

Barbell Training: 

Barbells are the traditional training tool that can be used in many ways.
In traditional and Olympic Lifts, they work as the ultimate in gravity enhancers.
Using the Barbells rolling property then they can change gravity reactions while creating momentum.
As a long level or asymmetrically loaded training tool then the barbell is great for momentum.


Workout: 45 second intervals, 20 second rest between exercises repeat 4 times


Exercise 1 barbell leg reach rotation and press forward



Exercise 2 barbell jump rotation right and left in sync



Exercise 3 barbell supported squat thrust out of sync wide to narrow 



Exercise 4 Barbell 3 point hand lunge



Exercise 5 barbell squat with feet rotated out and press to the side