The cold, rain and snow has subsided here in Denver and the sun has returned! It is time to get outside for a workout of Band  and kettlebell training tools.

Training with Bands
Bands have always been a popular way of training people, bands allow for easy transport, they offer enough resistance for the average client and they are not as intimidating as other pieces of training equipment. At FASTER we put the band to the 5 defined skills that we train around, then develop exercises to move the limbs and keep the torso still, or to accelerate the body in to new ranges, increasing the clients ability to slow down new motions. Bands have an increasing curve of resistance as they get longer. Using them creatively they can change ground reaction force by moving your center of gravity. Bands can assist and resist gravity. Bands work as an unnatural momentum force on full ranges. Momentum, or initial power creation for end ranges work really well with bands . Using a band to pull a client off course while the travel is a great sports specific training exercise.

Kettlebell Training

The Kettlebell is a weight with a handle, which it is thought, originated in Russia, where it first appeared in the Russian dictionary in 1709. Back then it was used as a counter weight for farm equipment, however it soon migrated to becoming a tool used for developing strength endurance, which would probably just have been considered fitness at the time. This training, over time, became something that was also featured at shows, with a selection of difficult moves used to measure strength in these local competitions. Recently, this sport has made it back in to Fitness, and so FASTER has designed a course to show how you can develop different exercises for this sport, to develop your endurance and techniques in different ways to improve you and your clients ability in the sport. In fitness, it will show the faster exercise development in process.

Band and Kettlebell Workout: This workout provides excellent core training as well as strength training.

45 second intervals per exercise

20 second rest between exercises

Repeat 3 times


Exercise 1 band squat with pelvis rotation



Exercise 2 Kettlebell Alternate Snatch



Exercise 3 band squat with pelvis wide and press to the side



Exercise 4 Kettlebell Sot Press clean



Exercise 5 band resisted star crumps



Exercise 6 kettlebell lift in sync rotation



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