Attract more clients from the Gym Floor

by | Dec 23, 2019 |

Competing for clients is more difficult today than it has been at any other time in our industry. We have more trainers available to train people on our gym floors. We have Instagram, and social media guru’s influencing our potential clients online. Then depending on when you are reading this, the gym is either packed or empty, both making selling and delivering sessions difficult.

Creativity and ultimately, great ideas often come from solving two problems, not one, which brings me on to Cardiovascular Training and Personal Trainers.

Cardiovascular training sucks for Personal Trainers. It is something that brings a lot of benefits to the client. However, it is also challenging to make worth your fee if you are stuck on machines. It also sucks for clients.

Clients now spend a lot more time stationary and a lot less time in the ‘wild’ by which I mean different surfaces and required skills. Then when they come into gyms, they have to do the same on machines unless they g told to push a sledge up and down some flat grass, in one direction, yet reasonably slowly.

Speed training, or as we break it down at FASTER,
Stop – the ability to halt a movement, so decelerate with efficiency and pace
Turn – changing direction with as little amortisation time as possible
Accelerate – from zero or moving to full speed, plus full pace development

The FASTER system allows the independent assessment of the client’s movement and workload requirements. Manipulating volume and rest is a great way to replace dull cardiovascular training if you select the right movements.

The video below shows some programming ideas of using STA (Stop Turn Accelerate ) exercises.

Examples of an Aerobic Workout using STA Exercises

The main message from this article is that,

“Changing your cardiovascular routine from machines to speed training techniques will help you keep clients, find more clients and produce great material to boost your marketing.”