What we do and why! Functional training education

Personal trainier qualifications.  Functional Training courses.  Live, online, beginner to expert Personal Training and Functional Training courses.

FASTER was formed in July 2006, by John Hardy.

The company was formed in order to change the industry. This is being done using functional training education.  Behind FASTER is a learning thought process, with a strong set of values.  We have based these around current science and techniques. We analyse the top Performance Coaches and Injury Rehabilitation professionals in the industry to help us grow.

Functional Training Education

We have some distinct thought processes. These have been influenced by all of the people that founder John Hardy, subsequent members of the FASTER team and students have been associated with throughout their careers. Every six months we keep our focus on functional training for personal trainers by using feedback to improve the courses.  Using our interactive facebook pages and groups, we collect feedback, new thought processes and all other relevant information.  Every 6 months we update our functional training education. This is done by provoking debate to prove areas of the course wrong.

The functional training coaching system – our philosophy

It is the aim of FASTER, to coach you to be the best personal trainer you possibly can be.  We use a coaching system, similar to the one we teach. This allows us to produce the best personal trainers and functional trainers in the industry. Using functional training education as our guide, but not limiting ourselves to this, we deliver quality courses that allow us to coach you to be individual, great at analysing trends in the industry and fast to get their clients results.

See why FASTER is different and learn how to become the best personal trainer. This is about helping you, and not about trying to make a sale.

Our Team

John Hardy – Founder – John’s Profile
Craig Buist – Director of Education
Jake Attwood – UK Performance Expert – Jake’s Profile

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