Today we put down the training tools and concentrate on body weight exercises for a full body workout. Body Weight Training is perfect for your clients core training. The workout is based on the HIIT training system, devised by Tabata and uses original exercises.  However the system load to rest ratio is the same. All the exercises are functional, whole body and tough. All of them are combinations of on the floor and upright movements. This is a great exercise protocol if you have little time and want to work really hard.


Workout:  30 second intervals  for each exercise , 15 second rest between exercises, repeat 4 times


Exercise 1 body weight split squat body weight move




Exercise 2 Body weight hand lunges forward move



Exercise 3 body weight narrow feet squat thrust move



Exercise 4 Body weight lunge anterior with big reach posterior above head move



Exercise 5 Body weight hand lunges rotate right and left move



Exercise 6 Body weight 1 leg squat with opposite side reach move



Exercise 7 Body Weight Power Push Up



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